MPG500 'Gemini' ATM to Ultra High Vacuum Gauge

MPG500 'Gemini' ATM to Ultra High Vacuum Gauge

The INFICON Gemini™ Inverted Magnetron Vacuum Gauge is the workhorse for all vacuum measurement applications (pending). Gemini combines two sensor systems into one small device to measure from atmosphere to 1x10 – 9 mbar. The patented ultra-low magnetic stray field design opens up a whole new range of applications. A unique interchangeable dual chamber sensor unit avoids cleaning cycles and reduces maintenance, making Gemini the most robust and economical vacuum gauge of its kind.

Gemini Cold Cathode and combination comes with fully integrated digital electronics, providing ultimate flexibility for system integration. Cold cathode and Pirani combination option provides seamless transition, reliability, practicality and flexibility across wide ranging applications.


  • Long lifetime in harsh environments

  • Low magnetic stray field
  • Zero maintenance - replaceable insert
  • Super compact size
  • Reliable fast ignition
  • Corrosion proof feed through
  • Selectable measuring current

Typical Applications

  • Base pressure monitoring and control, from atmosphere to high vacuum in evaporation and sputter coating applications.
  • General vacuum measurement – industrial furnaces, architectural glass, semiconductor, refrigeration and air conditioning.
  • Analytical and R&D applications – mass spectrometry, electron microscopes, medical, ophthalmic, optical and high energy physics.