HPG400 Hot Ion / Pirani Gauge - ATM to High Vacuum

HPG400 Hot Ion / Pirani Gauge - ATM to High Vacuum

The INFICON High Pressure Hot Ionization Pirani Gauge, HPG400, combines High Pressure Hot Ionization and Pirani sensors in a single, compact, economical package to measure pressure from 2×10-6 mbar to atmosphere (1.5×10-6 Torr to atmosphere). The HPG400 provides highly repeatable and reproducible pressure measurement for accurate sputter process pressure control.


  • HPG400 saves cost and tool space and reduces the complexity of vacuum system installation and setup
  • The high pressure hot ion gauge delivers accurate, reliable pressure measurements from 1×10-5 … 1 mbar for improved process control
  • User selectable hot ion emission activation between 5×10-2 and 1 mbar
  • Pirani interlock protects the hot filament from premature burnout
  • Optional graphic display and Fieldbus interfaces available
  • Automatic high vacuum Pirani adjustment reduces operator interventions
  • RoHS compliance

Typical Applications

  • Sputter applications in semiconductor manufacturing, electronics and media industry
  • Industrial coating
  • General vacuum measurement and control in the low to high vacuum range
Part Number Description
353-520 HPG400 DN 25 ISO-KF
354-486 HPG400 Spare meas. system DN 25 ISO-KF
353-521 HPG400 LCD, DN 25 ISO-KF
353-522 HPG400 DN 40 CF-F
353-523 HPG400 LCD, DN 40 CF-F
353-525 HPG400-SP PBus, DN 25 ISO-KF
353-526 HPG400-SP PBus, DN 40 CF-F
353-527 HPG400-SD DNet DN 25 ISO-KF
353-528 HPG400-SD DNet DN 40 CF-F