FlightDaq-TL - Voltage, Resistance and Temperature Acquisition System

FlightDaq-TL - Voltage, Resistance and Temperature Acquisition SystemFlightDaq-TL - Voltage, Resistance and Temperature Acquisition System
  • Configurable acquisition system for PRT’s, thermocouples and external pressure transducers (amplified or ratiometric).

  • 16 highly configurable inputs measuring resistance and voltage over a number of programmable ranges.

  • User configurable outputs over Ethernet - iDDS, Chell Protocol, IENA & Netscanner compatibility.

  • Configurable 5, 10 and 24V excitation.

  • With IEEE 1588 PTP V2.

  • 250Hz per channel measurement frequency.

  • Compatible with Chell Smart Lemo’s.

  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) or DC supply (user configurable).

  • Fully configurable over Ethernet with embedded web server.

The Chell FlightDaq-TL is a complimentary product to our existing line of FlightDaq and Q-Daq pressure measuring equipment.

Using the powerful architecture and interfaces enables the FlightDaq-TL to accurately measure a large variety of input types, convert the measure- ment to engineering units and then output the data over a number of configurable Ethernet interfaces. These interfaces can be the Chell protocol (TCP/ IP or UDP), IENA, iDDS or Netscanner® simulation mode.

The FlightDaq-TL consists of 16 x 8-pin Lemo 1B series inputs each of which contain two inputs (one primary and one secondary), switchable excitation and a digital interface for the optional Smart Lemo plugs.

The two inputs can be individually configured to provide measurements for the following:

  • Voltage

  • Resistance

  • Thermistor

  • Thermocouple inputs (using external cold junc-

    tion such as a Smart Lemo).

  • RTD385

  • Amplified pressure transducer

  • Ratiometric pressure transducer

The FlightDaq-TL can be configured for any com- bination of channels without comprising speed or performance (with the exception of the 24V excita- tion which must be applied to all channels).

Configuration of the inputs and the output stream is carried out via an embedded web server, using commands over the selected protocol or via an iDDS configuration server or by XML file download.

The user can choose between a number of stand- ard look-up-tables (RTD385, N-Type etc) or enter their own for conversion to engineering units of their choice (maximum size 448 lines - downloadable from a CSV file).

Alternative, if used with the compatible Smart Lemo’s, this look-up-table can be stored in the connector and therefore remains physically tied with the transducer.

The FlightDaq-TL has a programmable excitation source available to all channels. This can be con- figured to be +5, +10 or +24VDC.

The FlightDaq-TL features PoE as standard but can be user configured (via internal switches) for conventional DC supply.