FlightDaq-T - Flight Temperature, Resistance and Voltage Acquisition System

FlightDaq-T - Flight Temperature, Resistance and Voltage Acquisition System
  • Configurable acquisition system for PRT’s, thermocouples and external transducers.

  • 32 highly configurable inputs measuring resistance and voltage over a number of programmable ranges.

  • Can be configured for 2-wire or 4-wire measurements.

  • With IEEE 1588 PTP V2.

  • Up to 250Hz per channel measurement frequency.

  • Output over CAN and Ethernet (100Mbit TCP / UDP, IENA and DDS).

  • Heated enclosure for applications down to -55°C.

  • Fully configurable over Ethernet with embedded web server.

The Chell FlightDaq-T is a complimentary product to our existing line of FlightDaq pressure measuring equipment.

Using the powerful architecture and interfaces already available with the FlightDaq enables the Flightdaq-T to measure resistance, voltage, RTD’s and thermocouples and output the engineering unit data over CAN or Ethernet (TCP/UDP, IENA and DDS).

The FlightDaq-T consists of 32 two-wire inputs which can be configured in a number of ways:

[1] 32 two-wire measurements (resistance, voltage two-wire RTD’s).
[2] 16 four-wire measurements (RTD’s).
[3] 16 Thermocouple measurements using a two wire RTD for the (external) cold junction.

[4] A combination of [2] and [3] where a number of cold junction measurements (2 or 4 wire) are associ- ated with a number of hot junction measurements.

Please note, the external cold junction referenced is not part of the FlightDaq-T.

Configuration of the inputs, the integrated heater and the output stream is carried out via an embedded web server. The channel engineering conversion is implemented with a configurable look-up-table (maximum size 448 lines).

The user can choose between a number of stand- ard look-up-tables (RTD385, N-Type, etc) or enter their own for conversion to engineering units if their choice.

The enclosure features an inner machined case which is heated and insulated from the external case. This, combined with a micro-processor con- trolled heater array gives a highly stable operating temperature and low overall power consumption.

In standard form, the FlightDaq features a smart sensing power supply that will shut down the unit if the supply rails moves outside its operating band. When the power rail returns to normal, the Flight- Daq will restart and resume operation.

Soon to be available will be a power-over-Ethernet (PoE) version which will utilise the upcoming 802.3bt specification (50 watts deliverable).

The FlightDaq is designed for on-engine as well as airframe applications and as such is tested to the D0160G vibration and shock standards.