Aeroprobe FRP Fast Response Probes

Aeroprobe FRP Fast Response ProbesAeroprobe FRP Fast Response Probes

Also called embedded-sensor probes, these probes were designed for use in turbulent or unsteady flows, where a high-frequency response is needed.

Unlike our conventional probes, these probes have pressure-sensors embedded in the body of the instrument to eliminate the attenuation of the high-frequency part of the signal, common to all external sensor probes. In addition, the probe is acoustically calibrated to correct even for the miniscule attenuation caused by the short internal tubing. These probes have a frequency response of 3.0 kHz or greater. They retain the <0.8% velocity measuring accuracy of the standard probes as well as the maximum incidence angle of 70° for seven-hole probes.


Our fast-response probes are currently being used by several different laboratories to monitor turbulence inside gas turbine engines, the wakes of surface ships, as well as by a coal refinery to map the flow in their ore-seperating stirring-tanks.