TE MicroScanner

TE MicroScanner
  • Smallest Size Scanner
  • Highest Scan Rate
  • DTC Interface Compatible
  • Conventional Compatible
  • CAN Bus Compatible
  • Ethernet Bus Compatible

The 16MS MicroScanner is the evolution of the Pressure Systems ESP Scanners to provide pressure scanning capability in previously inaccessible locations. Utilizing proprietary DTC Digital Temperature
Compensation technology, each MicroScanner is factory calibrated to compensate for non-linearity and temperature errors. The result is a highly accurate measurement with minimal thermal errors. Optional dual
range calibration provides two ranges of operation to increase measurement sensitivity, expand testing conditions, and reduce user inventory management.

The MicroScanner is automatically identified at power up and is compatible with factory data systems like Initium, Optimus, 8400, and FDS Flight Data System. Numerous third party integrators provide
compatible data systems.