The Chell Micro-I-Daq is a compact, high accuracy digital scanner that acquires 32 voltage inputs and outputs them on an Ethernet or CAN interface. The Micro-I-Daq complements the range of Microdaq pressure acquisition systems to give a complete in-model acquisition system.

The acquisition parameters within the Micro-I-Daq can be confi gured by using its embedded web server which gives intuitive and complete control. The Micro-I-Daq also features a calibration interface which allows all the channels to be calibrated through a single port. When the calibration plug is inserted into the Micro-I-Daq, the status LED will change to red and the ports will be commoned. This allows all channels to be quickly and easily calibrated.

  • Voltage scanner module 32 channel miniature pressure
  • Complete with IEEE 1588 PTP V2.
  • Up to 1.25Khz per channel measurement frequency.
  • Better than 0.06% FS system accuracy.
  • Complete with calibration interface so all channels can be calibrated through one port.
  • Output over Ethernet (100Mbit TCP / UDP) and CAN.
  • Embedded web server for confi guration and calibration.
  • Wide thermal operating range (+5 to 100°C)