FDS Initium - Flight Data System

FDS Initium - Flight Data System


  • Live @ Power up Data Acquisition
  • Auto-Rezero via switch closure
  • Digital Temperature Compensation
  • Hardware Pre-configuration Settings


  • Automatic UDP Transmission of Data Packets
  • Reduction in Zero Drift
  • Reduction in temperature induced errors
  • Reduction in startup time following power cycle

The Initium – Flight Data System (FDS) is a ruggedized fully integrated instrument consisting of a dual microprocessor-based Data Acquisition and Control Unit (DACU) and Digitally Temperature Compensated
Electronic Pressure Scanners (ESP) designed specifically for onboard vehicle pressure monitoring. The FDS is capable of operating up to eight miniature 16, 32 or 64 channel pressure scanners, equipped with
Digital Temperature Compensation (DTC). The FDS will perform all pressure data acquisition duties and calculate engineering unit conversions internally while transmitting temperature corrected
pressure data back to the host over an UDP or TCP/IP Ethernet connection in-flight.
The FDS utilizes calibration data stored on-board the ESP Scanners to correct for non-linearity and thermal shifts while an on-line re-zero corrects for any zero drift of the sensors. The FDS supports all DTC
Scanner functions including programmable deranging capability, sensor temperature readouts, and internal calibration valve shift control and position detection when equipped within the scanner. “Live @
Power up” mode uses stored scanner configurations to greatly reduce initialization times and automatically return to data acquisition mode, perfect for unintended power cycle events. Communication is via
TCP/IP protocol for configuration while acquired data is transmitted via UDP Multicast direct to the user’s data recording hardware or Host Group (IGMP).