TE 9816 Pressure Scanner

TE 9816 Pressure Scanner
•±0.05% Accuracy
• Rackmount Intelligent Pressure Scanners
• Integrated Sensor and EEPROM-based Calibration Data
• Triple Scan List Capability
• Multirange Configurations
• Free Firmware Upgrade via Internet

• Turbine Engine Research
• Turbomachinery Test Stands
The TE NetScanner is a multi-channel pressure acquisition system based on PSI’s proven Intelligent Pressure Scanner technology. The Model 98RK Scanner Interface Rack houses up to eight 16 channel Model 9816 Rackmount Intelligent Pressure Scanners networked via the Ethernet interface. The chassis provides scanner power supply and pneumatic connections as well as hub circuitry for up to twelve 10BaseT connections. This enables the chassis to connect with as many as three additional remote Model 9016 Pneumatic, Model 9116 Pneumatic, Model 9022 All media Intelligent Pressure Scanners, Model 9046 Temperature scanner and other PSI NetScanner modules in addition to the host computer.

Model 9816 Rackmount Intelligent Pressure Scanners integrate 16 silicon piezoresistive pressure sensors and a unique patented calibration manifold with an on-board 32 bit microprocessor. This provides compensated engineering unit data output via the Ethernet interface. Each pressure sensor is packaged with an integral EEPROM for storage of calibration data unique to the sensor. Integrating the EEPROM within the sensor enables simple field replacement of transducers with automatic uploading of sensor data during power-up.

Data uploaded from the EEPROMs is used by the microprocessor to correct for sensor zero, span, linearity and thermal errors. Digital temperature compensation of the piezoresistive sensors reduce thermal errors by a factor of ten or more over conventional sensor compensation. The microprocessor also controls the execution of on-line zero or span calibrations upon request. Online rezero virtually eliminates sensor zero drift error and provides guaranteed system accuracy of up to ±0.05% FS (Full Scale) after rezero.

NetScanner provides the capability to sample using three scan lists concurrently at rates up to 100 measurements per channel per second. The NetScanner system is supplied with startup software for PC compatible computers.