9116 Pressure Scanner

9116 Pressure Scanner9116 Pressure Scanner
• ±0.05% FS Accuracy
• Auto-Negotiating 10/100 BaseT Ethernet
• Test Configuration Management using User Accessible Memory
• 500 Hz/channel EU Throughput
• Shock, Vibration and Acoustic Noise Hardened
• Splashproof Construction

• Turbomachinery Test Stands
• Windtunnel Wall Pressure Measurements
The TE Model 9116 Pneumatic Intelligent Pressure Scanner is a completely self-contained high performance pressure acquisition module for multiple measurements of dry, non-corrosive gases. The scanner integrates 16 silicon piezoresistive pressure sensors of any pressure range with a 32-bit microprocessor in a compact, low cost package.

Each field-replaceable pressure sensor incorporates a temperature sensor and EEPROM for storage of calibration data as well as sensor identification information such as pressure range, factory calibration date, and user-managed last or next calibration date. The scanner provides User Accessible Memory (UAM) to facilitate Test Configuration Management (TCM) through functionality derived from the IEEE-1451 standard for smart transducers. This enables test parameters to be entered and stored within the scanner for access by the host controller during test setup and

The microprocessor digitally compensates for all sensor errors including temperature to reduce thermal errors by a factor of ten or more over conventional sensor compensation. The microprocessor also controls actuation of an integral manifold to execute on-line rezero calibration upon request. This capability virtually eliminates sensor zero drift and insures accuracy of ±0.05% FS (Full Scale) after rezero.

The Model 9116 can sample using up to three concurrent scan lists at continuous rates up to 500 measurements per channel per second in engineering units. Ethernet communication supports both TCP/IP and UDP protocols. The Model 9116 Intelligent Pressure Scanner is supplied with comprehensive Visual Basic-based software (NUSS) for PC compatible computers. Firmware upgrades are made available via PSI’s website and can be downloaded to the scanner over the Ethernet interface using NUSS.

The Model 9116 Intelligent Pressure Scanner is a component of a networked data acquisition concept called the NetScanner™ System. Multiple NetScanner modules measuring a wide variety of parameters can be networked to form a distributed intelligent data acquisition system