9022 All Media Pressure Scanner

9022 All Media Pressure Scanner

• Ruggedised Splashproof Housing
• Low Pass 30 Hz Anti-aliasing Filter per Channel
• Pressure Ranges: 0-5 psi (35 kPa) to 0-10,000 psi (69 MPa) gage, absolute or differential
• Up to ±0.025% System Accuracy
• Hardware and Software Triggered Data Acquisition
• Triple Scan List Capability
• Extensive LabView™ Drivers Provided Free of Charge
• Agilent Approved Vee Drivers Available

• Turbomachinery Test Stands
• Portable Test Systems
• Process Monitoring
• Hydraulic/Pneumatic Systems

The Model 9022 All-Media Intelligent Pressure Scanner is a ruggedised turnkey pressure acquisition module for multiple measurements of all-media pressures suitable for gas turbine test cell installations. The ruggedised splashproof scanner is designed to interface up to twelve (12) Series 9400 All-Media Pressure Transducers (or third party transducers) to an Ethernet interface. The 9022 provides a low pass anti-aliasing filter for each channel. In addition, 5 VDC signals can be measured on any unused input channel. The 9022 also provides a precision +5 or +10 VDC excitation source to power external transducers.

The internal 32-bit microprocessor corrects for pressure transducer zero, span, and nonlinearity errors. It also performs digital temperature compensation of the sensors to reduce thermal errors by a factor of ten or more over conventional sensor compensation. The microprocessor also controls off-line rezero and span calibrations to maintain long term sensor accuracy. This turnkey approach to all-media pressure measurement provides system static accuracy of up to ±0.05% FS.

Pressure data in engineering units is output through an Ethernet 10BaseT interface using industry standard TCP/IP or UDP protocol for compatibility with many third party vendors. The Intelligent Pressure Scanner is easily interfaced to a host computer via a standard Ethernet card. Software integration solutions are extensive including free start up software and extensive third party drivers for popular software programs like LabView™ or Agilent Vee. PSI can also supply high level utility programs and a DDE interface allowing use with virtually any Windows™ application.

The Model 9022 All-Media Intelligent Pressure Scanner is a component of a networked data acquisition concept called NetScanner™ System. The NetScanner™ System solution permits a system configuration of cost effective rackmount scanners, rugged pneumatic or liquid scanners and high accuracy barometers via an Ethernet network