MicroDaq Series

The MicroDaq series consists of miniature acquisition equipment for wind tunnels and on-vehicle measurements. The MicroDaq, MicroCAT and new nanoDaq provide a means to acquire many channels of pressure at high accuracy and high speed in intelligent packages with digital engineering unit outputs. The Micro-I-Daq adds voltage measurement to the range and The Micro-QD-VP and Interfaces enable to user to quickly set up a complete system.

nanoDaq-LT Series

The nanoDaq-LT series consists of a range of low-cost miniature pressure scanners which are absolute or differential (user configurable). They feature the same Ethernet and CAN interface as the MicroDaq and nanoDaq series but offer reduced package size available at a much lower cost. The entire nanoDaq-LT range has been homologated by the FIA.

nanoDaq Series

The nanoDaq a sub-miniature intelligent pressure scanner that outputs engineering unit data over Ethernet and CAN. It represents the ultimate packaging of the intelligent pressure scanner but includes advanced features such as IEEE 1588 PTPv2 time stamping and absolute or differential pressure measurements.

Flight Acquisition Systems

Chell provide a series of pressure based flight acquisition systems that are designed and tested to operate in the unique environment or flight test - for either air frame or engine test.

Miniature Pressure Scanners

Chell have been supplying the PSI / TE range of miniature pressure scanners and acquisition equipment for more than 30 years. The TE DTC scanner is the market leading pressure scanner in terms of size and performance. This can either be coupled with the TE Initium acquisition system or the Chell MicroDaq range to produce a complete acquisition system.