MicroDaq-8: 512 Channel Pressure Acquisition System

MicroDaq-8:  512 Channel Pressure Acquisition SystemMicroDaq-8:  512 Channel Pressure Acquisition System
  • Intelligent pressure scanner module with engineering unit output.

  • Compatible with all TE/PSI 16, 32 and 64 channel Pressure Scanners.

  • Up to 0.05% FS accuracy output.

  • Complete with IEEE 1588 PTPV2 time stamping

  • Up to 892 Hz per channel measurement frequency.

  • Output over Ethernet (100Mbit TCP / UDP) and CAN.

  • Rugged enclosure for on-vehicle applications.

  • Fully configurable over Ethernet with embedded web server.

The MicroDaq-8 is a further development of the well established Chell MicroDaq range. The MicroDaq-8 is a miniature acquisition system capable of acquir- ing from up to 8 x TE HD DTC or MicroScanner series pressure scanners.

The MicroDaq-8 handles all the scanner interfacing and outputs engineering unit data over Ethernet and CAN.

Like the MicroDaq2, the MicroDaq-8 features hard- ware implementation of the IEEE 15888 PTPV2 precision time stamping protocol and a conventional hardware trigger for data synchronisation.

The MicroDaq-8 also has an embedded web server for all setup functions.

The MicroDaq-8 consists of two high accuracy 18 bit analogue to digital converters (ADC’s) and two powerful processors – one to control the data acqui- sition and one to control the data output interface.

The ADC’s will acquire pressure and temperature data for every data point. The temperature data is used to modify a pressure to compensated pres- sure look-up-table as the measured temperatures change. This ensures that the temperature com- pensation is continuous and doesn’t require the system to stop and acquire temperature data as a separate event.

All the ADC’s, processors and associated elec- tronics are mounted on a single PCB ensuring reliability.

The MicroDaq-8 gives the user access to all the features of a DTC scanners such as 3X derang- ing option and shuttle valve position sense via the Ethernet interface or embedded web server.

The MicroDaq-8 can multiplex the scanners at 14.285 kHz giving a maximum acquisition speed of 892 Hz per channel when 16 chan- nel scanners are used (16MS). When all 512 channels are used (8 x 64 channel scanners), data can be collected at 223Hz per channel.

The data is available over Ethernet which is auto-negotiating 10/100Mbit. The Ethernet output can be configured as TCP or UDP.

For diagnostic purposes, the MicroDaq-8 senses the current sourced by each scanner. In addition, a LED indicates the presence of a DTC scanner on each channel.

The MicroDaq-8 is packaged to enable it to withstand the harsh environments of on-vehicle testing.