ScanPSU Pressure Scanner Interface

ScanPSU Pressure Scanner Interface

The Chell ScanPSU is an interface that facilitates the connection of the Pressure Systems ESP scanners to third party acquisition systems. The interface accepts a single DC supply and provides the +/- 12 and 5 volt scanner supplies.

All supplies are high stability and low noise and in addition to this, two discrete supplies are used for the 5 volt excitation for the two scanners to remove any cross talk. This allows scanners to be removed or replaced without invalidating the calibrations.

The interface includes the level shifting electronics to adapt open collector, 5 or 12 volt logic to the CMOS levels that the scanners use. The power supply is a housed in an aluminium case and is potted to provide increased reliability in harsh vibration environments.

The ScanPSU is supplied with screened cabling and connectors for plugging directly into the scanners. The interface connector is a LEMO 2B series as standard although it can be supplied to suit any application.

• High quality power supply for ESP Electronic pressure scanners.
• Can be used in Wind tunnel and on-car applications.
• Includes TTL to CMOS level shifting for address lines.
• Runs two scanners.
• Independent excitation supplies to remove cross talk.
• Supplied with Pressure Systems scanner cable and miniature ‘D’ type terminations.
• Potted in anodised aluminium case for reliability.
• Comes with Lemo interface connector as standard.