FlightDaq2 - Flight Pressure Acquisition System

FlightDaq2 - Flight Pressure Acquisition SystemFlightDaq2 - Flight Pressure Acquisition SystemFlightDaq2 - Flight Pressure Acquisition SystemFlightDaq2 - Flight Pressure Acquisition SystemFlightDaq2 - Flight Pressure Acquisition SystemFlightDaq2 - Flight Pressure Acquisition System
  • Intelligent heated pressure scanner module with engineering unit output.
  • Selectable absolute or differential output
  • With IEEE 1588 PTP V2 as standard.
  • Up to 2Khz per channel measurement frequency.
  • Output over Ethernet (100Mbit TCP / UDP), CAN and IENA.
  • Heated enclosure for applications down to -55°C
  • Fully configurable over Ethernet with embedded web server.
  • Purge / rezero control fully incorporated.
  • Tested to D0160F.
  • Soon to be released with DDS and PoE options

The Chell FlightDaq 2 is a development of our previous FlightDaq model. The FlightDaq2 is smaller than its predecessor and has more features including absolute/differential measurement, IENA protocol, smart power supply and low power consumption heaters.
Internally, the MicroDaq build on the proven MicroDAQ / MicroCAT architecture to provide up to 2KHz per channel data acquisition. This is combined with the pneumatics necessary to shift the shuttle valve within the scanner to give full control of the scanner functions including re-zero and purge. There is also an optional internal purge valve to control the flow of purge gas if necessary.
The enclosure features an inner machined case which is heated and insulated from the external case. This, combined with a micro-processor controlled heater array gives a highly stable operating temperature and low overall power consumption..
The FlightDaq uses the TE DTC scanner which provides full thermal compensation from 0 to 80°C combined with an accuracy of 0.05% of full scale (after re-zero). The output of the scanner is differential which, combined withe the internal shuttle valve control, enables any zero offset to be removed.
This differential measurement is combined with a precision barometric sensor to enable the user to select between differential or absolute outputs.
The FlightDaq features a smart sensing power supply that will shut down the unit if the supply rails moves outside its operating band. When the power rail returns to normal, the FlightDaq will restart and resume operation.
External connectors are the TE QDCM range (other options are available) which feature high reliability coupled with an extremely small space envelope. The supply gas and purge connectors are via Swagelok or Chell AS series quick disconnects.
The flightDaq is designed for on-engine as well as airframe applications and as such is tested to the D0160G vibration and shock standards.
The FlightDaq will output high speed engineering unit data over Ethernet (TCP/IP or UDP), CAN or IENA.
For ease of setup, the FlightDaq is fully configurable using an embedded web-server .