CMD100 Microprocessor Display / Controller

CMD100 Microprocessor Display / Controller

* Any of the analogue input channels can be configured and linearised to display units of choice.
* Process controller with programmable PID.
* Supplied with software to allow configuration and data reading on a PC.
* Networkable digital communications via Ethernet, also RS232 and RS 485
* +/- 15 volt 250mA or +24 volt 250mA transducer supplies
* 16 bit resolution, 0.05 % reading accuracy
* Voltage and current input versions available
* Configurable voltage and current analogue retransmission, after linearisation

The CMD100 is the most versatile integrated controller, display, interface and power supply on the market. It will directly support two channels of capacitance manometers, mass flow meters or mass flow controllers, and has two additional analogue process inputs as well as PID controlled output.

It can be configured for upstream or downstream pressure control applications, and the control can be based upon any of the four analogue input channels.
The PID output will drive a standard 100 Ohm process valve (as commonly fitted to flow controllers) or it can be a voltage command output to drive a MFC or motor speed controller directly.

It features a graphical display that simultaneously shows all four channels of process input, displays any engineering unit, and allows any operator interface that makes configuring the display simple.

Offering both +24vdc and ±15vdc power supplies, it works with most makes and models of transducers with outputs up to 10.8vdc, when used with the correct interconnecting cable,

It is housed within a metal case and takes the form of a standard 19’’ rack mount package, but is also built to be fully suitable for free-standing bench-top use.

Custom Design Services
This is just one member of a complete family of products that are designed throughout, by Chell. We have full capability to offer this product to our customers in ‘private label’ versions, with customised hardware and / or firmware to suit very specific requirements. Call our Applications Engineers to discuss your requirements in detail.

Software Included
Display-X Software is included, free of charge. It allows the user to quickly interface with, configure, control and data-log using any Chell 100 series display.

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