Chell Instruments Now Distribute Mott Gas Purifiers Across UK and Scandinavia

We are pleased to announce we’re now the UK and Scandinavia-wide distributors for Mott’s extensive range of point-of-use gas purifiers.

Mott are internationally respected for their filtration equipment, including their class-leading gas purifiers which can remove impurities to less than 100 parts per trillion.

They are trusted across multiple industries, providing complex filtration systems for aerospace and defence, chemical processing, microelectronics, energy and more.

Mott promise critical precision and iron clad reliability, supplying filtration and flow control engineering for leading companies including NASA, Samsung, PepsiCo and General Mills.

Mott’s gas purifiers offer excellent removal efficiency, reliability and product consistency to improve gas delivery yield and process integrity. They accommodate various flow rates and media types and uphold the highest standard of purity for gas delivery systems.

Their point-of-use gas purifiers remove many combinations of impurities, depending on chosen media type, from process gases for high purity and ultra-high purity applications.

We also supply a range of gas handling solutions, from full bespoke gas panels to high performance needle valves and regulators.

Please contact our Applications Engineers with your gas purification requirements.