Chell Begins Creating Innovative Mobile Engine Emissions Testing Facility for Leading Manufacturer

We’re pleased to announce the expandable, self levelling ‘shipping container’ to house our new portable jet engine test module has now arrived at Chell Instruments ready to be fitted out.

When a leading international aircraft engine manufacturer needed a concept for mobile engine testing, they came to us to develop their solution.

The heavy-duty ‘shipping container’ has been custom manufactured and will be transformed into a mobile aircraft engine testing unit by our skilled engineers ready for deployment worldwide.

The project is intended to be completed by March and will be transported and operated globally out of its home base in Derby.

Jamie Shanahan, Sales Director at Chell says “When the leading manufacturer in aircraft engines came to us with their testing challenge, we put our heads together to develop the perfect solution. Our bespoke all-in-one engine testing unit will revolutionise the ease in which they can perform these tests thanks to its portability. No matter the challenge our expert engineers are ready to help.”

Totally unique, the portable engine test module is being specifically developed for easy transportation and can be deployed around the world with minimal logistical effort. Its compact size and portability mean it can be exported by land, sea or air and offers a high level of comfort to the engineers working within it.

The modular shipping container’s conveyance helps our customer cut costs and increases flexibility for aircraft engine development.

The project is anticipated to be completed by March, when we hope to post a further update.

For more information on our new portable engine test module, or any of our other products, systems and capabilities, contact us at www.chell.co.uk/contact