PS2-GC50 Monotorr Heated Getter Gas Purifier - 0 to 0.2 l/min

PS2-GC50 Monotorr Heated Getter Gas Purifier - 0 to 0.2 l/min

Gas Chromatography

The PS2-GC50 is specifically designed for the purification of carrier gases for a gas chromatograph. Availible for Nitrogen or Helium/Argon gases, the all metal Getter material removes impurities to sub ppb levels.


  • Heated Getter Material removes a wide range of contaminants
    Including N2 and/or CH4 impurities which are not removed with ambient purifiers
  • Compact design for convenient installation
  • Economical and convenient way to boost instrument sensitivity
  • Maximum Flow: 200 sccm
  • Minimum Flow: 20 sccm
  • 1/8" Compression Fittings (1/4" VCR fittings, optional)
  • 1 year lifetime under normal operating conditions

GC50 Performance

Gases Purified Impurities Removed Outlet Performance
N2 H2O, O2, H2, CO, CO2 < 10 ppb
CH4 < 50 ppb
He, Ar H2O, O2, H2, CO, CO2, CH4, N2 < 10 ppb
Note: Purifiers are gas specific and should only be used for the gas indicated

Part number breakdown

Ordering Information

Part Number Gas Purified Connection Type Power
PS2-GC50-R-1 He, Ar 1/8" Compression 110-120 VAC
PS2-GC50-R-1-V He, Ar 1/4" VCR 110-120 VAC
PS2-GC50-R-2 He, Ar 1/8" Compression 220-240 VAC
PS2-GC50-R-2-V He, Ar 1/4" VCR 220-240 VAC
PS2-GC50-N-1 N2 1/8" Compression 110-120 VAC
PS2-GC50-N-1-V N2 1/4" VCR 110-120 VAC
PS2-GC50-N-2 N2 1/8" Compression 220-240 VAC
PS2-GC50-N-2-V N2 1/4" VCR 220-240 VAC