SAES Microtorr ambient temperature in-line Gas Purifiers

The SAES 'Microtorr' ambient temperature purifiers are a point-of-use cartridge type purifier, which through the use of different media types and cartridge sizes, can be configured for a wide variety of gases and low sccm to 1000 slpm flow rates. Performance is typically sub ppb levels of purity.

SAES PS7 Palladium Diffuser Hydrogen Purifiers

SAES Pure Gas Hydrogen Pd purifiers deliver 9N (99.9999999%) H2 purity with < 1 ppb for oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and all other impurities. Multiple configurations are offered to suit flow rates from low sccm up to 2000 slpm.

SAES Monotorr Heated Getter Gas Purifiers

SAES 'Monotorr' heated gas purifiers can be configured for a wide range of gases and flow rates, from 20 sccm to 100 slpm. They have greater capacity for impurities than ambient temperature purifiers which results in longer cartridge lifetime. They can also remove N2, and CH4 if required, which ambient temperature purifiers cannot.

SAES Megatorr (PS5, PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9, PS21, PS22, PS31) Bulk Gas Purifiers

SAES Pure Gas offer a variety of Area, Bulk and Weld gas purifiers which can be installed indoors or outdoors. These are designed to supply ultra pure gases to an entire site or process.