SLQ-QT105 Liquid Flow Meter

SLQ-QT105 Liquid Flow Meter

For Semiconductor ApplicationsSensirion Liquid Flow Meters SLQ-QT105

Tailored to the integration in demanding coating systems, the SLQ-QT105 is a semicon grade-sensor solution for flow rates of up to 120 ml/min of hydrocarbon based liquids like photoresists and solvents.

Based on Sensirion's proven thermal microsensor technology, it opens new perspectives in terms of sensitivity, reliability and speed. The short response time of the SLQ-QT105 allows the accurate monitoring of highly dynamic processes such as fast dosing operations. Equipped with fittings for 4x3mm PFA tubing, this reliable device works without any moving parts measuring non-invasively through the wall of a straight flow path. A smart digital interface and robust RS485 communication is offered for long distance and bus capability.

For water-based liquids or highly viscous fluids with flow rates of up to 120 ml/min, please see our liquid flow meter SLQ-QT500.


  • Maximum flow rate for hydrocarbons: 120 ml/min
  • Designed for photoresists and solvents
  • Highest sensitivity down to the lowest flow rates
  • Fast response time down to 30 ms
  • RS485, USB or 0-10 V analog voltage output
  • Superb chemical resistance
  • Inert wetted materials: PCTFE, PFA, and quartz glass
  • Assured purity
  • Straight flow path, no moving parts
  • Maximum working pressure: 3 bar (high pressure ratings available on request)


  • High-end semiconductor process control
  • Photoresist dispensing
  • Fast dosing operations