LG16 OEM Liquid Flowmeter

LG16 OEM Liquid Flowmeter

For Integration into Instruments and Other Closed Systems

The LG16 liquid flow meters offer Sensirion’s CMOSens® microsensors in a compact and stripped-down housing for integration into instruments and other closed systems.With five different flow ranges, calibration options for different media (H 2O and/or hydrocarbons), and a selectable electrical interface (digital I2C or 0-5 V analog), the LG16 liquid flow meters offer a comprehensive solution for measuring low and ultra-low flow rates. All subtypes feature the strengths of Sensirion’s liquid flow meters: fully calibrated digital flow sensing, inert wetted materials (glass, PEEK, fluoropolymer), fast response times (down to 40 ms and below), and low power consumption.

They offer the ideal solution for measuring highly dynamic fluidic processes, closed-loop control of microfluidic systems, bead and droplet count, or bubble detection. The 5 subtypes cover maximum flow rates from 1.5 µl/min by the smallest version (LG16-0025) up to 5 ml/min (LG16-2000) for water and aqueous solutions. With hydrocarbon liquids such as oils, organic solvents, fuel, or lubricants, flow rates up to 80 ml/min can be measured (see LG16-2000HC-D).

The LG16 liquid flow meters have their largest benefit when integrated into an instrument or a closed system. For standalone applications, laboratory setups or bench-top testing, please have a look at our SLI and SLG liquid flow meters with their robust interface for plug-and-play operation.

Sensirion Liquid Flow Meters LG16


  • LG16 series for flow rates from nl/min up to 5 ml/min
  • Resolutions down to the sub nl-range
  • Response time: 40 ms
  • Digital I2C interface or analog output 0-5 V
  • Supply voltage range 7 V - 12 V (analog output) or 3.5 V - 12 V (digital interface)
  • Inert wetted materials: flow channel made of glass (borosilicate or fused silica)
  • Excellent media compatibility and chemical resistance
  • Media isolated sensing principle - no direct sensor contact with the fluid


  • Medical applications
  • Point-of-care diagnostic devices
  • Vaporizers
  • Environmental testing units