SFM3000 Medical Mass Flow Meter

SFM3000 Medical Mass Flow Meter

Low Pressure Drop Flow Meter

SFM3000 is a digital flow meter especially suitable for high-volume applications. The design of the flow channel results in very low pressure drop through the sensor element, making it highly suitable for medical ventilation and respiration applications.

The SFM3000 bidirectionally measures the flow of air and other non-aggressive gases at rates up to 200slm with excellent accuracy and extremely high speed. It outputs a 14-bit digital signal at a 2kHz update rate. The signal is internally linearized and temperature compensated. Furthermore, the SFM3000 flow meter operates from a 5 Vdc supply voltage and features a digital 2-wire interface, making it easy to connect directly to a microcontroller.

The outstanding performance of the SFM3000 sensor is based on Sensirion's patented CMOSens® Technology, which combines the sensor element, signal processing and digital calibration on a tiny microchip. The gas is measured by a thermal sensor element to provide an extended dynamic range and enhanced long-term stability compared to other flow measuring technologies. Thanks to this proven CMOSens® Technology, the flow meter is perfectly suited for high-quality mass production and is the ideal choice for demanding and cost-sensitive OEM applications.


  • Very low pressure drop < 6mbar @ 200sml
  • Flow range: +/-200slm (bidirectional)
  • Accuracy 1.5% m.v.
  • Ultra fast response time
  • Digitally calibrated & temperature compensated
  • Digital Output (I²C)