SFC5300 Mass Flow controller

SFC5300 Mass Flow controller

Flow Controller for Cost-Sensitive OEM Projects with High Unit Quantities

The SFC5300 mass flow controller measures and control mass flows with outstanding accuracy, long-term stability and repeatability. It boasts a compact size and an impressive dynamic measurement range. The body housing of the SFC5300 is metal. The SFC5300 mass flow controller is available with downmount connections and two digital interfaces. The SFC5300 is the smaller variant of the SFC5400 mass flow controller and is for cost-sensitive OEM projects with high unit quantities.

As all Sensirion sensors, the outstanding performance of the SFC5300 mass flow meter is based on the innovative CMOSens® Technology, which integrates the high-precision sensor technology and the processing electronics on a single CMOS silicon chip. Combined with high-quality materials, the result is the durably stable, extremely fast and highly precise SFC5300 mass flow controller.

The SFC5300 mass flow controller is available as valve-free version too. The two sensor products have the same performance characteristics and are used in similar applications, meaning they can be ideally combined. You can find further information and detailed specifications about the mass flow meter on the SFM5300 website.

For customer projects with high unit quantities, we adapt or develop your mass flow controller according to your specific requirements. Learn more about customized solutions.