Vacuum (Absolute Pressure)

Chell's vacuum standards are Capacitance Diaphragm Gauges (CDG), each having over thirty years continuous annual calibration history, with traceability directly from two National Measurement Institutes - NPL, Teddington and PTB, Berlin. We carry out regular in-house inter-comparison checks between different range CDGs, between the CDGs and Spinning Rotor Gauges at the low pressure end and between the CDGs and a Schwien Merco-Master manometer at barometric pressure.
These inter-comparisons using overlapping standards having totally different measurement technologies and traceabilities provide a very high level of confidence in our vacuum calibration service from 1E-06 mbar to atmosphere, with some of the lowest uncertainties in the UK.

Typical Gauges Calibrated

Thermocouple Gauges – Capacitance Manometers – Capacitance Diaphragm Gauges – Convection Gauges – Triple Full Range Gauges – Pirani Gauges – Full Range Gauges – Spinning Rotor Gauges – Cold Cathode Gauges – Hot Cathode Gauges - Bayard-Alpert Gauges - Penning Gauges - Inverted Magnetron Gauges – AIM Gauges – CDG – SRG – Gas Friction Manometer – Reference Tubes – Gas Friction Gauges