Gas Pressure, Absolute, Gauge and Differential

Using independent traceability chains and fundamentally different pressure principles, Chell's standards provide unrivalled confidence in their measurements.

The primary asset PG7601 Pressure Balance (Deadweight Tester) system offers some of the lowest uncertainties in the UK and is regularly cross-checked against our primary 110 inch Schwien Merco-Master Manometer with a 5ppm agreement tolerance.

Our working standards are multi-range state-of-the-art digital resonant quartz pressure controllers with portable flight-cased systems offering an on-site capability.

Chell has 12 decades of pressure capability from 0.000001 millibar to 70 bar.

Typical Gauges Calibrated

Resonant quartz transducers – resonant silicon transducers – precision pressure generators and transfer standards – Air Data and Pitot-Static Test Sets – electronic pressure scanners – capacitance diaphragm gauges – precision barometers – test gauges – digital pressure indicators & calibrators – airspeed indicators – altimeters – rate of climb (vertical speed) meters – micromanometers


Chart showing typical pressure ranges for each sensor type