On Site

UKAS On-Site Calibration Service

Chell provide a convenient & viable alternative to the need to return measuring instruments to a calibration laboratory. Customers can benefit from the convenience of having calibrations performed on their plant, dramatically reducing downtime. One benefit of this approach is that instruments are calibrated in their working environment & often in their working attitude, thus reducing orientation & temperature errors.

  • Gas Dilution Systems
  • Gas Blenders
  • Mass Flow Meters & Controllers
  • Rotameters & gas provers
  • Pressure Indication Instruments & Gauges
  • DC Voltage, Current & Resistance
  • Temperature Simulation of thermocouples & RTD's

A wide variety of applications and industries are catered for including environmental, pharmaceutical, process control, laboratory, power generation, aerospace, brewing, thermal spraying, motor sport and many more.
Blenders used to calibrate gas analysers in many industries can be calibrated including CEM, air pollution, stack gas analysers, vehicle emission monitoring and medical / respiration applications.
On-Site calibrations are provided Worldwide and we have provided our service as far away as the Falkland Islands.

On-site Gas Flow calibrations from: 1 cm3/min to 3000 litre/min
On-site Pressure calibrations from: -90 kPag to 2 MPag
On-site Electrical calibrations from: -10mV to 12 VDC
0 mA to 24 mA
0 ohm to 4 kohm
On-site Temp. simulation cals. from: 0°C to 1750°C