Pressure Fittings

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Chell manufactures a range of quick-disconnects and  fittings primarily aimed at complementing our range of pressure instrumentation. We provide solution for single and multi-way high integrity pressure connections for a variety of environmental conditions.

We have developed products such as the SQDC, Circlex and AS range specifically for the gas turbine test industry and the QDCM miniature quick disconnect provides a robust solution when space is confined.

We manufacture the majority of the pressure fittings at our UK site so if you have any requirements that aren’t currently met by our range, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Miniature Pressure Fittings Open

Chell supplies a number of miniature tube fittings for instrumentation lines in models or light industrial applications. They use 1mm (0.040") and 1.5mm (0.063") connections to flexible tubing.

Number of ways : 19, 31, 36 and 55

Temperature range : -40 to 80ºC

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Number of ways : 19, 37, 55 and 72

Temperature range : 0 to 80ºC

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Download Specification

High Temperature Quick Disconnects Open

Chell has produced a range of high temperature quick disconnects that have been optimised for the Gas Turbine Test industry. The SQDC range features 8, 16 and 32 way quick disconnects that can directly accept 1/16" or 1mm stainless steel tubing as well as 1mm or 1.5mm flexible tubing.

Number of ways : 8, 16 and 32

Temperature range : -40 to 325ºC

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Industrial Quick Disconnects Open

Chell manufactures a range of industrial quick disconnects in 30 way and single way form. They are ideal of instrumentation lines in test cells and can mate with a large variety of tubing sizes.

Number of ways : 1

Temperature range : -25 to 100ºC

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Number of ways : 30

Temperature range : -25 to 180ºC

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PIT100 - Pipe-work Integrity Test Set Open

The PIT100 was developed to evaluate the integrity of instrumentation pipe-work, looms and harnesses. It uses a micro-processor based system coupled with a high accuracy pressure scanner to carry out a variety of methods to measure the leak tightness and continuity of harnesses and pipe-work. 

Leak rate and continuity of instrumentation pipe-work.

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