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Aug 01, 2013

Chell and npower make a joint presentation at the EPRI Heat Rate Improvement Conference

The benefits of improved steam turbine power plant efficiency not only help power utilities' financial performance, they also result in significantly reduced emissions. All Efficiency Engineers strive to improve their plant's performance, yet the benefits of monitoring air in-leakage are not yet universally understood.

Steam turbine operators may, perhaps, regard their plant as optimised but have not realised that their turbine condenser conditions may be costing the business millions a year in lost output.

The AIM-100, when continuously monitoring condenser exhaust conditions, has frequently provided its users with a payback of days or, at most, weeks!

In February 2013, Richard Kadim of npower shared his experiences of using the Chell AIM at the EPRI conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.

EPRI Chell and npower





Click here to download the presentation in PDF form (750Kb)

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