Calibration Lab

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UKAS Calibration Service – Laboratory and On-Site

Pressure – Vacuum – Gas Flow – Electrical – Temperature

Chell’s BS/EN/ISO/IEC 17025 accredited UKAS Calibration Laboratory (0687) provides a comprehensive service for Vacuum, pneumatic Pressure, Gas Flow & Electrical measuring, controlling and generating instrumentation. Chell stands out amongst other laboratories for our impressive 12 decades of pressure capability, all having very low uncertainties.

Our calibration standards have been developed to provide a service with some of the lowest uncertainties in their fields, providing our customers with the greatest confidence in their “bought-in” uncertainties.

In this way, the aggregation of our uncertainties with your in-house uncertainties will provide you and your customers with the best possible performance for your products. Requirements for reduced operational uncertainties in industries such as pharmaceuticals and aerospace are thus best achieved by using the Chell Calibration Service for periodic calibration of your Standards, both in our laboratory and on your site.

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